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Southwark Council Leader Peter John today accused Save Southwark Woods campaigners of disrespecting the dead:


@SouthwarkWoods Describing sale of burial plot licences to grieving families as a "sell off" is an insult to them & your campaign.


You can see why Southwark took offence.


The council respect the dead so much, they are planning to clear woodland, dig up thousands of people’s graves and remains, and re-carve their headstones, to make way for 6,000 new burial plots.


And they have a considerable profit to gain from the process, in the tens of millions.


Cllr Peter John’s attempt to initiate a low-level slanging match

over this development met with the campaigners’ repeated invitation to meet with them:


@peterjohn6 Please meet with us Peter John - we can explore the problems associated w digging up 1000s of dead people's graves + woodlands


Peter John has not yet replied.




Whose disrespect for the dead?

18th March 2015