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The Island Area, Camberwell Old Cemetery - proof Southwark Council has been burying over CWGC WW1 and WW2 War Graves


The Island Area next to Langton Rise, Camberwell Old Cemetery


Hundreds of new burial plots have been sold in the Island Area from 2007 including over CWGC graves - with no regard for those who fought and died for our country. Compare this with the original burial plan, the CWGC WW1 graves in pink.  At least four CWGC War Graves have been buried over in Square 5 - without raising the ground level, meaning possible disturbance of remains. The whole site is completely full of new burial. There are no headstones for these men.


Camberwell Old Cemetery War Memorial


Southwark Council knew about the scattered War Graves. The War Memorial lists the 131 WW1 War Graves scattered around Camberwell Old Cemetery as well, as those buried by the War Memorial itself.



Email the CWGC and support their responsibility  to make Southwark Council respect the war dead in the Camberwell Cemeteries:


[email protected]


And copy us in:

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The Island Area, Camberwell Old Cemetery:

Since at least 2007, Southwark has been selling new burial plots over thousands of common graves - including WW1 service personnel, killed in active service.


Area F/F1 Woodvale, Camberwell Old Cemetery:

In 2013, Southwark developed a 'new' burial area along the southern boundary Woodvale - developing over two CWGC WW1 War Graves without consulting or even alerting the War Graves Commission or the families.



Area Z, Camberwell Old Cemetery: At least 37 CWGC WW1 and WW2 War Graves are being built over:

Two acres of woods cleared, Southwark is building terraces, roads and embankments to sell 700 'new' burial plots over 48,000 existing graves - including at least 37 WW1 and WW2 War Graves without alerting their families or regiments.



Ten acres of woods at risk, Camberwell Old Cemetery:

The Woodland Tree Preservation Order was removed by Southwark Council in September 2015. Less than 5% of trees are protected. Southwark intends to cut down the remaining ten acres of woods to sell more 'new' burial plots over thousands of existing graves - including MORE CWGC War Graves. The woods Areas J, K and L are slated for felling imminently 'to progress projects'.


These woods are on consecrated ground so Southwark is legally obliged to apply again to the Church of England for permission to cut down the woods, which means a public consultation by the Church.


Southwark has not done this.



"Uproar of local people as Church of England supports mounding over and digging up local people's graves"

South London Press


"War graves lost as court gives council permission to bury civilians on top of WW1 soldiers"

Daily Telegraph


"London Councils Are Selling Private Burial Plots On Paupers' Graves."


Southwark Council is in the midst of the largest grave re-use and mounding projects in the nation - and has been for years. And that includes CWGC War Graves.


Southwark Council has been burying AND building over Commonwealth War Graves for years – without telling the War Graves Commission, families or the public - let alone marking their grave with the CWGC headstone.


Why didn't Southwark contact the CWGC years ago? The CWGC has all War Grave locations - and also the families' and regiments' contact details.


Private THOMPSON, H. DoD: 04/05/1916 [Roy] Army Serv Corps, 52nd Mechal Transport Coy. (Aldershot) (Son of: Henry & Mary Thompson; Husband of: Daisy R. Thompson, 3, Sturdy Rd., Peckham, London).

Square 5 24246

Private HUGHES, P. C. 12/07/1916 [Roy] Army Serv Corps, (Hereford) [1916 faulty] (Son: Charles Sanders Hughes & Annie Hughe, 86, Green Street, Hereford).

COC Square 5  Original Plan Copy COC Square 5 Google Aerial

Private BLUTE, FREDERICK DoD: 24/01/1916 National Reserve, Supernumerary Coy. Husband of: Margaret Blute, 52, Bells Garden Road, Peckham, Surrey. (Served in the South African War).

Grave 24220 COC The Island Sq 5 24220

Southwark Council has been burying over CWGC War Graves for years - without alerting or consulting the War Graves Commission, relatives or the public - and is STILL building over them

Below: The plan of Camberwell Old Cemetery Island area shows the location of WW1 soldiers buried in CWGC graves highlighted in pink.

Below: Aerial view of Camberwell Old Cemetery Island area shows new burial sold over the CWGC WW1 graves