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Southwark has changed its Tree Preservation Order for Camberwell Old Cemetery – and has not declared many of the Ancient, Veteran or mature trees on site.


Southwark have published a plan that shows which trees are to be protected - The council’s own Conservation Management Plan for the Old Cemetery claims there are only 4 Category A trees across the whole cemetery:


“A Lime and three mature Oaks in the north east of the site are the highest quality trees [Category A]. These would be retained and protected. The other trees are of moderate to low category.”


But SSW has this week recorded at least 7 Ancient trees, and over 30 mature trees, as well as a rare Wild Pear many hundreds of years old.


But the Conservation Management Plan also states:


“3.9.3 The extent and density of tree cover within the cemetery and its contribution to overall tree cover in the locality is a significant asset and this is in part recognised by the group TPO status which covers the whole site.”


“Why doesn’t the council protect these woodlands as the Group Tree Preservation Order, their Grade 1 SINC status, their own documents and the common good require them to do?” asked Blanche Cameron from SSW.


“Why protect only a small number of trees? Why hide the Ancient, Veteran and mature trees from public consultation? What is the council’s motive?”


Southwark council are currently pursuing an outdated, unjust and destructive plan with no public mandate, to create new burial plots by felling hundreds of trees across Southwark Woods and excavating thousands of historic graves.


Southwark Woods are Metropolitan Open Land in an Air Quality management Area, with beautiful virgin native woodland and wild Grade 1 woodland for Nature Conservation. These woodlands are people’s precious life support system, our Natural Health Service, our wild nature.


As the council prepares to apply to itself for planning permission, Save Southwark Woods says the public must know - these historic and precious woodlands are now unprotected.


SSW is recording trees to show the discrepancy, and the vast number of trees actually at risk.


SSW is also exploring the legality of Southwark's actions to hide many trees of special interest from Public Consultation.


In their application to the Church, Southwark ‘forgot’ to mention that Camberwell Old Cemetery is a Grade 1 Site of Importance for Nature Conservation.


SSW’s 8,500 members now want to know when will Southwark come clean? This is no 'landscaping adjustment'. Southwark is planning a wholescale woodland massacre.


Southwark's new TPO no longer protects many Camberwell Old Cemetery trees - also hidden in Public Consultation

31st July 2015