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Save Southwark Woods are to present their case to the full Southwark Council Assembly on July 8th.


The campaign has received an email from the constitutional officer of Southwark Council with the invitation, since under democratic constitutional rules, any community campaign that receives substantial support has to be invited to present their case to the council.


In the last two months, over 5,000 people have signed online and paper petitions to save Southwark Woods at Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries.


Southwark council wants to clear woodland, fell dozens of trees and dig up many hundreds of old graves, to make way for over 4,800 new burial plots, with serious implications on cost and pollution.


Save Southwark Woods campaigners say better options are available, with long-term financial, social and environmental benefits.


“Clearing living, breathing woodland to create burial plots is unthinkable. And digging up beautiful old graves to do it just adds insult to injury.” said campaign spokesperson Blanche Cameron.


“These magical woods are essential for health and quality of life, as well as air quality, summer cooling and storm water management.”


Campaigners say alternative burial provision is available within 5 miles. They want to preserve and extend these beautiful woodlands to create a 100 acre inner city reserve for generations to come.


“These cemeteries are all but full. Thousands support the vision to save Southwark Woods – and on July 8th we will be calling for the council to do so too.”


Save Southwark Woods to present case at full Council Assembly

13th April 2015