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Save Southwark Woods campaigners have today requested a meeting “at the earliest opportunity” with Southwark councillors to explain their objections to the council’s plans and propose alternatives.


Southwark is planning to fell dozens of mature trees and clear woodland and undergrowth at Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries, for 6,000 new burial plots in a sanitised and sterile landscape.


Following repeated requests for information, including the council’s own presentation from the public meeting on 11th February, and failed promises such as a meeting with tree specialists and a bat emergence survey, campaigners have requested a meeting as soon as possible.


“They have also not responded to requests for financial information,” said campaign spokesperson Blanche Cameron.


”Including how much revenue they estimate the development will bring in (tens of millions), and what this revenue is to be spent on.”


Campaigners say the council is also not including in their costs the real environmental, social and economic value that these woodlands already provide.


There is a fundamental difference of opinion now between thousands of Southwark residents and the council. Nearly 4,000 have signed a petition against the proposals and last weekend, 300 people marched in protest through the 100 Acre Wood.


Save Southwark Woods campaigners say the council’s strategy lacks vision and creativity, and threatens the health and well-being of the citizens they represent.


“We call on you to act for the public good and for the benefit of all citizens, and not sell off valuable community assets for short-term profit.”


The invitation to meet has also been extended to Harriet Harman, the constituency MP, who has been following the issue.


Save Southwark Woods invites Southwark council to meet

13th March 2015