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More than 3,000 people including Bianca Jagger, comedian Micky Flanagan and psychotherapist Susie Orbach have backed a campaign to save an area of woodland in south east London.


Folk singer Peggy Seeger, environmentalist Tony Juniper and Green Party peer Jenny Jones have also signed up to the movement to Save Southwark Woods.


Southwark Council propose to fell dozens of trees and clear wild woodland to make room for more than 6,000 new burial plots.


Blanche Cameron, organiser of Save Southwark Woods says:


“Nature, especially wilder areas, should not be a luxury that only the rich can afford, or an ‘inconvenience’ to be removed for development.


“These magical woodlands are home to marvellous flora and fauna and are beautiful and inspiring places to be. They are also excellent for citizens' health - woodlands are the lungs of London.    


“We urge councillors to listen to the voices of their residents, save the land for the living and Save Southwark Woods – for nature, for people and for the future.”


Camberwell Old Cemetery woods by Save Southwark Woods


Thousands sign the petition to Save Southwark Woods

24th February 2015