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We may be about to lose the heritage, nature and beauty of all our British cemeteries - due to new laws which enable graves to be dug up or mounded over and "reused".


This video was filmed in Camberwell Old Cemetery in East Dulwich in March 2016.


Southwark Council, owner of the two Camberwell Cemeteries, is in the midst of the largest grave excavation and mounding project in UK history.


This is an unprecedented test case - and Councils around the country are watching.


Since 2007, cemetery owners have been allowed the sensitve reuse of graves over 75 years old - dependent on relatives' and the public's response to consultation.


Southwark's Super Cemeteries interpretation of the law? To excavate every grave over 75 years old across this 100 acre site, mound over tens of thousands of public or common graves and fell 12 acres of SINC woods in the process to get at the old graves.


Over 11,000 have signed a petition against the destruction and local families are up in arms. Mayoral candidates are calling for the scheme to stop and human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger is supporting the campaign.


But Southwark Council has already started the destruction. If it succeeds in bulldozing through plans against such a huge public outcry, then all cemeteries nationwide will be at risk.


Headstones from the thousands of private graves are to be removed for two months then destroyed, the graves excavated then sold off for 'new' burial plots.


Tens of thousands buried in common graves have already been mounded over in Camberwell Old Cemetery and tens of thousands more are to go. Plots are already being sold to people for 'new' burial over the dead poor buried below. Do they know their plots came at such a cost? And who is buried below them?


Two acres of rich woodland have already been destroyed to get at the common graves. Ten more acres are still to be felled.


The Diocese of Southwark is to hold a hearing this summer into Southwark's applications to fell hundreds of trees and mound over tens of thousands of graves,


Save Southwark Woods will be representing more than 800 objectors at the hearing as a party to the proceedings.


But Southwark has already acted without Church permission.


If the Council's actions are not stopped, no UK cemetery will be safe.


Hundreds of years of history, millions of families's graves, millions of acres of woods and natural places at risk.


This is why it is vital to save the Camberwell Cemeteries, Southwark Woods.

Heritage, Nature and Beauty of all Britain's Cemeteries at risk

With new video from Save Southwark Woods

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Save the Heritage and Beauty of Britain's Cemeteries


Sign and share the petition to save Southwark Woods, the Camberwell Cemeteries and make them Nature Reserves here:






More than 11,000 say stop the destruction.


Help us save Britain's cemeteries from the extermination of their history and nature.


Tell Southwark Council to stop felling 12 acres of SINC woods and destroying tens of thousands of graves for their Super Cemetery project.


Tell the Diocese of Southwark, Church of England, to reject Southwark's applications (most of which Southwark has already done without Church permission) to fell hundreds of trees and mound over old graves to sell off for 3 years of 'new' burial plots.


Take action...