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Southwark erected a plaque on the corner of Nunhead Lane and Peckham Rye on Friday, 23 June 2017, to honour 24 victims killed in the Second World War by a German V-1 rocket.


Meanwhile Southwark is preparing to dig up the graves of at least five of these civilian casualties. Southwark is busy destroying the memorials and graves of WW2 victims in Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries to sell off as 'new' burial plots.


Read how Southwark is treating war graves - shocking.


Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries have discovered that the five victims are buried in public or common graves in the  D2 development area in Camberwell New Cemetery (Brenchley Gardens or Honor Oak).  


119/7746 (Plot with 11 people)

Betty Irene Farren, age 20

Gladys Ethel James, age 21

Annie Hettiy Kimber, age 56

George Ernest Hand, age 54


119/7743 (Plot with 11 people)

Harry Thorley, age 50


Victims get a public plaque and Southwark Council appears to honour them. But when families come to visit their loved ones’ grave, someone else be buried in their place, their memorial gone.


The summer of 1944 saw dozens of V-1 and V-2 missiles rain down on Nunhead and Peckham killing 158 residents in total. Most are buried locally. One missile landed outside a corset factory and 19 of the 24 victims were young women, and 13 of the 24 were teenagers.


Most families don’t know what is happening to relatives’ graves as Southwark has never consulted families on policy agreed in 2012.


Southwark has since cleared hundreds of memorials and cut down acres of woods to mound over thousands of graves including dozens of WW1 and WW2 CWGC war graves.


The Council is now applying to Parliament to dig up thousands more - including possibly those of the 1944 V-1 and V-2 rocket victims.


"It's horrific what Southwark Council are doing, the audacity of it," said Rose Ives whose grandmother was a victim of the Blitz.


"My nan, who was killed in the Blitz, is in the area where they want to dig up graves up next on One Tree Hill where a lot of people killed in the war are buried in public graves. It's pretty disrespectful and gruesome. They're prtending to be sad about the war victms while planning to dig them up. It makes you shudder."


If Southwark really wanted to honour the dead, they would leave them to rest in peace and not dig up or mound over their graves.


FOCC is campaigning to preserve the graves, heritage and woods of the Camberwell Cemeteries and make them nature reserves.


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Below: The twenty-four people killed by the rocket attack:


Joan Clarke (aged 19) of 31 Reedham Street

Favoretta Margarite Lilian Collyer (aged 53) of 75 Culmore Road

Louisa Ann Esgrove (aged 59) of 6 Beatrice Mansions, Havil Street

Dorothy Maud Eveleigh (aged 18) of 29 Sandison Street

Betty Irene Farren (aged 20) of 15 Kirkwood Road

Joyce Groom (aged 18) of 27 Astbury Road

George Hand (aged 54) of 31 Montpelier Road

Rose Olive Holttum (aged 17) of 34 Rodwell Road

Joan Mary Huggins (aged 17) of 61 Greenhundred Road

Gladys Ethel James (aged 21) of 104 Marmount Road

Annie Hetty Kimber (aged 56) of 82 Nutbrook Street

Sarah Constance May (aged 16) of 3 Rignold Street

Ena Dorothy Nash (aged 17) of 8 Banstead Road, Nunhead Green

David William Newton, fireguard (aged 18) of 31 Fairwell House

Joyce Ellen Parsons (aged 15) of 41 Surrey Road

Winifred Joan Purser (aged 19) of Buller Square

Winifred Elizabeth Ray (aged 18) of 11 Trent House, Rye Hill

Emily Charlotte Robinson (aged 17) of 54 Philip Road

June Lilian Samoulle (aged 18) of 130 Kimberley Avenue

Thomas Stevenson (aged 59) of 105 Peckham Rye

Albert Henry Whiten (aged 77) of 42 Barset Road

Rita Phyllis Wood (aged 20) of 50 Heaton Road

Southwark raises plaque for Nunhead WW2 rocket victims while preparing to dig up their graves

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Below: History plaque to the 24 victims of a WW2 rocket attack on Nunhead unveiled by burial Councillor Ian Wingfield, while pushing forward plans to dig up thousands of graves including possibly civilian war casualties. Bottom: Area Z Camberwell Old Cemetery - memorials cleared and two acres of woods cut down to sell 'new' burial plots over tens of thousands of graves, including dozens of WW1 and WW2 CWGC War Graves

Poor Graves and Cut Trees (898 x 585) List of Rocket Attack Victims Plan Camberwell New Cemetery Rocket Victims Square 119 Plot 7746 CNC Development Areas New Cemetery Rocket Victims Square 119 Plot 7743 council honours war dead