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Today the Save Southwark Woods campaign called on its thousands of supporters to object to Southwark Council's three applications to clear acres inner city woodland and heritage.


SSW have published a guide on how to object to Southwark Council’s plans at:


Save Southwark Woods believes that Southwark’s plans go against EU, National, GLA and even their own directives, strategies and policies on nature, health, environment, equalities and financial management. The council has also refused to investigate fairer, healthier, cheaper options proposed by the community.


For example, Southwark's burial provision does not allow for Orthodox Muslim or Jewish burials.


These proposals are only Phase 1 of the Labour-controlled council’s so-called ‘Sustainable’ Burial Strategy. This strategy requires clearing even more woodland, and excavating or mounding over tens of thousands of the graves of Southwark's dead.


Over 9,000 people, including over 3,500 Southwark residents, have called for the cemeteries to be declared nature reserves.


Southwark Council has divided their proposals into three applications for one scheme.


Southwark has also given only three weeks to respond, ending on Sunday 27th September.


Save Southwark Woods has written to Council Leader Peter John requesting a six week period to allow the public to comment properly.


"The council leader has revealed his contempt for the environment, for democratic process, for financial due diligence and for the community he is supposed to represent." said SSW spokesperson Blanche Cameron.


"Now we are calling on the people tell him directly."


Here is what Save Southwark Woods is asking anyone who cares about these beautiful woods and heritage to do:


Object to Southwark’s planning applications here:


Sign the petition to call for a Public Inquiry here:


Write to Secretary of State Greg Clark asking for a Public Inquiry at:

[email protected]



View and object to the three planning applications.


Click ‘track’ on the page to follow the applications and see other public comments made.


Application 1: 15/AP/3184 Camberwell Old Cemetery


Application 2: 15/AP/3185 Camberwell Old Cemetery


Application 3: 15/AP/3190 Camberwell New Cemetery


View Southwark's application to the Diocese of Southwark for the whole development here:




Watch the aerial video to see beautiful Southwark Woods and what's at risk:

Southwark Woods at Camberwell Old Cemetery - From the Air


Sign the petition to Save Southwark Woods:


Contact campaign co-ordinators for more info: 

[email protected]



SSW rallies tree and heritage lovers to object to Southwark's plans to destroy inner city woodland and heritage

7th September 2015

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