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6.30pm Thursday 15th June

outside Southwark Council

160 Tooley Street London SE1 2QH

7.00pm Planning Committee


Tell Southwark Council that 1,000 burial plots on the Honor Oak Nature Corridor land is a destructive waste of inner London open green space.


You can speak at the planning meeting - get in touch:

[email protected]


Your pressure is working. We are causing delays, rethinks, redesigns and the intervention of outside organisations and supporters including Bianca Jagger, Peter Tatchell and Tony Juniper as well as cross-party political support. Keep on fighting!


Planning Committee agenda and info pack


Application 17/AP/0671:

Southwark has applied to build 1,022 burial plots on 3 MORE acres of Honor Oak Nature Corridor next to Honor Oak Park Station against the results of its own July 2016 consultation.


There is still time to object:

Say "NO NEW BURIAL" on Area B


STEP 1. OBJECT here on Southwark's Planning Register


'Make a Comment' - Essential, please include:


'I object to Southwark Council's planning application for Area B Honor Oak Nature Corridor 17/AP/0671'


Some reasons you might want to include in your objection:


Area B should be declared a Nature Reserve as part of the Honor Oak Nature Corridor because:


-  It is Metropolitan Open Land in a Grade II SINC, home to hedgehogs, owls, bats, reptiles, butterflies, bees and many other rare and common species of wildlife


- This is rare inner city nature land never used for burial


- Burial will lock up the use of this nature space forever, preventing any other public use


- 1,022 burial plots with rows of headstones on concrete plinths will destroy three acres of Honor Oak Nature Corridor, for just a few years of burial


- In your 2016 Consultation, 86% opposed any burial on this site


- Your application contradicts your own policy which recognises that biodiverse habitats are rare and valuable to Southwark residents and should be protected


- This land was promised for public community benefit, then swapped to 'protect' the Rec Ground which Southwark now refuses to guarantee


- The borough faces a 10% increase in population, all of whom will require access to more biodiverse green spaces not less


- Southwark residents are experiencing the same public health crises as other boroughs, including obesity and the impacts of deadly air pollution. The Council should be protecting and increasing natural wild places for residents' mental and physical health and wellbeing


- Nature land is far too valuable to use for burial. A few years' lawn burial plots followed by decades of sterility are no replacement for the beauty, tranquility and delight of nature


- Land is for the living. Our children need more wild green space to play in and learn and experience nature - not less


PLEASE OBJECT to Southwark here    |    [email protected]    |    @southwarkwoods    |    Facebook Page Save Southwark Woods

Meet Thursday 15 June 6:30PM: Tell Southwark Planning Meeting 'No Burial on City Green Space'


Or A 1000 sterile burial plots - just like the 2000 and 2010 extensions on the Rec Ground?

View AREA B Planning Application Area B Consultation Report by Westco IMG_20170602_161814987_crop_569x370 Area B and HOP Station Area B Meadow June 2

FROM THIS: Three beautiful acres of nature space on Metropolitan Open Land...

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