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New York Times values Southwark’s disappearing woods

9th May 2016    |    [email protected]    |    @southwarkwoods    |    Facebook Page Save Southwark Woods


London's Southwark Council Leader Cllr Peter John

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

Today, the New York Times recognised the beauty and value of Southwark’s woods.


Yet Southwark Council are right now destroying ACRES of these woods and thousands of old graves for inner city burial.


Woods that the New York Times says to visit - even if you have only 36 hours in South East London.


Already TWO ACRES on South London’s Green Chain Walk have been destroyed. 10 MORE ACRES of woods - named Underhill Road Wood by locals - in Camberwell Old Cemetery are next, then to be cleared of century-old headstones.


Imagine it would be like destroying Highgate Cemetery?


The Times says:


“With residents like Karl Marx, north London’s Highgate Cemetery is the city’s most famous. But Nunhead Cemetery in southeast London, an all-but-elvish realm where dense woods have grown up around the graves, and signs warn of the dangers of vine-clad stone crosses and monuments tilting under the weight of the ages, is the most atmospheric.”


Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries - with woods and old graves like Highgate and Nunhead Cemeteries - are being destroyed as we speak. 


Even Nunhead Cemetery is not safe from Southwark’s chainsaws.


The beautiful disappearing woods and graves of the Camberwell Cemeteries are one of the reasons many people come to Southwark.


“The Green Chain Walk, a well-signed pedestrian route across south London, takes you from Nunhead Cemetery to One Tree Hill (where Queen Elizabeth I is said to have rested).” 


Yet Southwark Council is imminently about to fell dozens of trees on the very same historic One Tree Hill.


It’s human nature not to appreciate what is on your own doorstep.


But the New York Times can see the beauty and the value. Visitors and locals alike love Southwark’s woods.


Why are Southwark’s Councillors destroying it?


Thank you to the New York Times.


Who here will stop Southwark leader Peter John cutting down our woods?


This is an urgent cry for help.



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Underhill Road Wood, Camberwell Old Cemetery, on the South London Green Chain Walk: TWO ACRES FELLED, 10 MORE ACRES ARE NEXT


Spring in Underhill Road Wood, Camberwell Old Cemetery - planned for the chop by Southwark Council