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The Save Southwark Woods Campaign of Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries have collected the names of the 39 war graves in the developmental area at risk of being built and buried over.


Southwark is burying over and building over an area that contains 48,000 graves and includes 39 war graves.


Records of where they are buried were inaccurate even at the time. They were buried on a steep, muddy hillside, up to 20 deep, 100 years ago.


And now the council is mounding the area with two metres of crushed building rubble and topsoil.


The Save Southwark Woods campaign believes it is an impossibility the war graves will not be buried over. And the Council admits that some war graves are being built over with roadways and structural terraces.  


No one knows where the service men and one woman are. No one. Not the Council and not the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


Many of the war dead came from Peckham, East Dulwich, and Camberwell. The woman is Edith Olive Williams from the Women’s RAF. They were buried here, in 'public graves' because they couldn't afford a private plot.


Many of those buried in the UK were injured in combat, transferred home and died from their injuries back here, sometimes many months later. These are people with families, not grave numbers.


We are demanding that Southwark stop this disrespect of the war dead and stop their outrageous burial plans.


If you are a relative of anyone listed please contact the Southwark News @ [email protected] and the South London Press @ [email protected] and other media outlest.

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Copy us FOCC: [email protected]

Names of WW1 servicemen and one woman at risk of being built and buried over by Southwark Council.

13th November 2018





The names of 39 First World War servicemen and one woman in Area Z development area:


6. Lance Serj BEESLEY, S. C. R. DoD:29/10/1918 Army Pay Corps (Woolwich). (Son of: Thomas Edward & Mary Beesley, 130, Choumert Rd., Peckham, London).


7. Private BEST, THOMAS WILLIAM DoD: [20/01/ 1918] 26/04/1918 Sherwood Forest. (Notts & Derby Reg) 16th Bn. Husband of: E. Best, 54, Astbury Rd., Queen's Rd., Peckham,London).


8. Private BETTS, M. DoD: 06/12/1918 Roy Defence Corps, 2nd Protection Coy. (Unlisted family)    


9. Private BEVIS, W. J. DoD: 01/01/1920 Machine Gun Corps (Inf..) 52nd Bn. (Son of: Henty & Caroline Bevis, Lambeth, London; Husband of: Ada Alice Bevis, 83, Tylecroft Rd., Norbury, London).


12. Lead Seaman BRICE, CHARLES EDWARD DoD:04/11/1918 RN, H.M.T.B. "No. 7." (Husband of: Florence Edith Brice).


22. Air Mech DAVIS, WILLIAM EDWARD DoD: 19/10/1918 RAF, No. 10 Mechal Transport Repair Depot. (Son of: John B. Davis; Husband of: Ethel May Lawrence (formerly Davis), 148, Fifth Avenue, Queen's Park, North Kensington, London).


23. Lance Cpl DAY, SIDNEY JAMES DoD: 12/02/1919 [Labour Corps &] Manchester Reg 28th Bn. (Son of: Mary Ann Day, 27, Cowan St, Camberwell, London).


32. Private GREEN, GEORGE THOMAS DoD: 31/10/1918 [Roy] Army Serv Corps 978th Mechal Transport Coy. (Claydon) (Unlisted family)


34. Private HARRISON, SAMUEL DoD: 31/10/1914 Roy Marine Light Inf. H.M.S. "Hermes." (Son of: James & Louise Harrison, Camberwell, London; Husband of: Charlotte Harrison, 119, St. John's Rd., Walthamstow, London).


36. Private HATHAWAY, G H DoD: 26/07/1919 Queen's (Roy W.Surrey Reg) [Queen's only listed] Depot (Unlisted family).


37. Private HAWKES, JESSE DoD: 24/11/1920 Queen's (Roy W.Kent Reg) 10th Bn. (Son of: Emma Hawkes; Husband of: Susannah Hawkes,  Newington).


46. Private LANE, J. T. DoD: 3/05/1919 London Reg,22nd Bn. (Son of: Elizabeth Lane, Camberwell; Husband of: Edith Mary Lane, 12, New Church Rd., Camberwell, London).


53. Rifleman MARSHALL, W. S. DoD: 15/09/1918 London Reg (London Irish Rifles) "B" Coy. (Son of: Mr. F. A. &Mrs. F. L. Marshall, 31, Grantbridge St., Barnsbury, London).


54. Gunner MARTIN, WILLIAM REGINALD DoD: 11/10/1918 Roy Field Artillery "B" Bty. 165th Bde. (Unlisted family)


57. Private MAYNARD, ALBERT JOHN DoD: 09/02/1917 London Reg, 24th Bn. (Son of: Mr. W. J. E. & Mrs. E. Maynard, 52, Elm Grove, Peckham, London).


58. Driver MITCHELL, FRANK JAMES DoD: 30/10/1918 Roy Field Artillery "B" Bty. 56th Bde. (Son of: Mr. A. Mitchell, 92, Clayton Rd., Peckham, Lon)


59. Lance Corp MORGAN, BERTIE THOMAS DoD: 06/10/1916 London Reg (1st Surrey Rifles) 1st/21st Bn. (Son of: Mary Anne Morgan, 1 York Terrace, Astbury Road, Peckham, London).


63. Private NEWBOLD, H. E. DoD: 19/10/1918 [Roy] Army Serv Corps M.T. Depot (Isleworth) (Son of: Harry Edward & Ellen Dowe Newbold, 59, Lyndhurst Grove, Peckham, London).


64. Private NIX, G. DoD: 17/05/1916 Suffolk Reg 10th Bn. (Husband of: Mrs. E. Nix, 29, Garsdale Rd., Peckham, London).


67. Private PAINE, H. E. DoD: 29/10/1920 Somerset Light Inf. 8th Bn. (Son of: Mrs. Elizabeth Paine, 181, Sumner Rd., Peckham, London).


73. Private PITTMAN, HAROLD MONTAGUE DoD: 04/12/1918 Labour Corps (Son of: Herbert & Caroline Pittman; Husband of: May Pittman, 114, Crystal Palace Rd., East Dulwich, London).


76. Gunner PRIGG, HARRY DoD: 07/02/1918 Roy Field Artillery R.A. Comm & Depot. (Son of: Alfred &Louisa Jane Prigg; Husband of: Eveleen Matilda Prigg, 20, Acanthus Rd., Lavender Hill, Battersea, Lon Native Dulwich, London).


82. Private REMON, WALTER THOMAS DoD: 05/09/1917 London Reg (Roy Fusiliers) 2nd Bn. (Husband of: Rebecca Remon, 25, Havil St., Camberwell,London).


86. Serj Maj ROBINSON, JOHN ROBERT 16/07/1918 [Roy] Army Veterinary Corps, 4th Reserve Vet. Hosp. (Son of: John Robinson, Southwark, London; Husband of: Ellen Sarah Robinson, Rozel Villa, Rancliffe Rd., East Ham, Lon Served in the South African Campaign.


90. Private RUTH, GEORGE HENRY DoD: 26/10/1916 Durham Light Inf.,3rd Bn. (Son of: George Ebenezer Ruth, 96, Evelina Rd., Nunhead, London).


91. Private SAUNDERS, JOHN DoD: 01/02/1915 [Roy] Army Serv Corps 52nd Mechal Transport Coy. (Aldershot) (Husband of: Mary Saunders, 2, Goulstone Cottages, Lovegrove St., Old Kent Rd., London).


96. Corp SHARPLIN, FREDERICK ALFRED DoD: 01/01/1920 RAF (Son of: Thomas George Sharplin &Susan Jane Sharplin, 50, Clifton Cresent, Peckham, London).


97.  Serj SHORTHOUSE, ARTHUR THOMAS DoD: [20/10/--] 29/10/1916 (Roy Garrison Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Depot. (Husband to Florence Bessie Shorthouse, 117 Chatteris Square, New Kent Road, Newington, London).


104. Rifleman SMITH, WILLIAM JAMES DoD: 12/07/1917 London Reg (1st Surrey Rifles) 21st Bn. (Husband of: Lydia A. A. Smith, 3, Surrey St., Worthing).


107. Serj STAGG, V G DoD:06/02/1919 Roy Engineers (Husband of: Rhoda Stagg, 189, Relenin Rd., Small Heath, Birmingham).


109. 2nd Corp STRANGE, F. F. DoD: 29/02/1920 Roy Engineers, 29th Broad Gauge Operating Coy. (Son of: William Herbert & Alice Strange, 24, Nigel Rd., Peckham, London. Born at Southampton).


111. Private STRUTT, (no initials listed) DoD: 13/11/1918 Roy Fusiliers,52nd Bn. (Unlisted family)


112. Private THACKER, CHARLES FREDERICK DoD: 04/01/1921 King's Reg(Liverpool),25th Bn. (Son of: George & Eliza Thacker, Peckham; Husband of: Helena Mary Thacker, 116, Copleston Rd., Peckham, London).


120. Staff Nurse VINTER, BERTHA DoD: 30/05/1918 Terr. Forc Nursing Serv 2nd Lon General Hospital. Daughter Mrs. Vinter, 113, Wyndham Rd., Camberwell, London).


123. Corp WARD, EDWIN JAMES DoD: 05/11/1918 Roy Engineers R.R. Cable Section. (Son of: Edwin &Millicent Ward; Husband of: L. M. Megenis (formerly Ward), 19, Trafalgar Square, Peckham Park Rd., Peckham, London).


124. Private WARREN, GEORGE EDWARD DoD: 13/09/1916 RAMC 30th Coy. (Malta) (Husband of: Sarah Sophia Warren, 51, Warrior Rd., Camberwell, London).


127. Sapper WEBSTER, A. DoD: 23/10/1918 Roy Engineers Road Quarry Troops Depot. (Unlisted family)


130. Airman WILKINSON, WILLIAM ALFRED DoD: 23/10/1919 RAF (Son of: Thomas & Annetta Wilkinson, London).


131. Member WILLIAMS, EDITH OLIVE DoD: 28/10/1918 Women's RAF, 1st Stores Depot. Daughter Alice M. Greenfield, 10A, Staveley Rd., Asylum Rd., Peckham, London).

Each red dot is war grave in Area Z, Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood. Photo of the area in 2016. Image of an example of a cemetery burial log to locate war graves. How can the graves of the 38 men and one woman be located?


And the Cemetery in 2018. Who are they fooling?

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