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Thursday 15 June 2017 7.00 pm


Ground Floor Meeting Room G01A - 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QH. View directions

Contact: Victoria Foreman 020 7525 5485 Email: [email protected]


Southwark Council wants burial plots on three more acres of Honor Oak Nature Corridor– this is your last chance to object.


We believe that objections are still open:


It’s quick and easy – object here.


This is an environmental disaster for SE23 and SE22, SE15 and SE4. And maybe all of London.


More than 470 have objected so far to the planning application which is due to go to Southwark's planning committee in June.


The Old Plant Nursery site is three acres of beautiful Metropolitan Open Land, recorded ecological habitat for hedgehogs, bats, butterflies, reptiles and other wildlife.


Originally promised for community use, Area B has never been used for burial plots – after this it will be unusable for anything else.


86% of 454 respondents to Southwark's 2016 ‘consultation’ said ‘no burial’ on this site. Southwark is making a mockery of the democratic process.


And Southwark admits these burial plots are just to buy time while it applies for permission to dig up graves over 75 years for resale across the Camberwell Cemeteries - their wholesale destruction.


Cllr Ian Wingfield, responsible for burial, has publicly denied that

Southwark is committed to digging up the dead for resale - ‘re-use’ as he knows it’s hugely unpopular.


Yet Southwark’s own website states:

“Our Strategy prioritises the re-use and reclamation of public and private graves (the law states that graves older than 75 years could be re-used for burial).”


And Southwark adopted this horrific burial policy in June 2012.

Taking inner city green space for sterile burial plots, destroying nature and ignoring democratic process are just more reasons why Southwark are unfit to run a burial service.


Object to burial on Area B here – it’s quick and easy.


The Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries’ Save Southwark Woods campaign is fighting to save the Camberwell Cemeteries as nature reserves with respect for the dead and woods and nature for the living.

Last chance to save three acres of Honor Oak Nature Corridor  

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Below: The three acres of Honor Oak Nature Corridor at present, and what Southwark Council intends for it - the burial plots adjacent that Southwark took in 2010.

IMG_20161018_162610634_HDR Area B and HOP Station Area B Meadow June 2 IMG_20170602_161814987_crop_569x370

Below: On the other side: What Southwark is doing, Area A