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STOP SOUTHWARK! Enough is enough! ANOTHER 4 ACRES of inner city public Open Land grab for burial and car park

2nd July 2016    |    [email protected]    |    @southwarkwoods    |    Facebook Page Save Southwark Woods


The next 4 ACRES to go - Metropolitan Open Land on Lewisham border next to Honor Oak Park station for car parking and burial plots


Area B: Metropolitan Open Land in inner London to be effectively sold off for high-rise private burial plots

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ANOTHER 4 ACRES of public green space are to be taken for less than four years of private burial plots at Honor Oak Park.


Southwark Council wants to sell inner city public Metropolitan Open Land for private burial plots.


These 4 acres at Area B, the old plant nursery site, officially part of Camberwell new Cemetery, have never been used for burial.


The site was originally promised for community play or sports use - then ‘swapped’ to ‘save’ Honor Oak Recreation Ground – which the Council are now refusing to guarantee won't be used for burial plots.


Londoners suffer from appalling air pollution and lack of access to wilder, biodiverse green spaces. As Mayor, Sadiq Khan has promised to plant 2 MILLION trees for health and well-being - Area B in Honor Oak would be a great place to start!


2 ACTIONS the public can take now:



Write to Southwark Council 

[email protected] and copy us in [email protected] 

Tell them you don’t agree with taking 4 acres of inner city public Metropolitan Open Land at Honor Oak Park for private burial plots.


Say what you would like the land to be used for – community woods or orchards, play space, sports space, allotments, market garden or any other community use. Add anything you want about locking up public green space as private dead space for the next 100 years.



Fill in the Council’s consultation questionnaire here:


Answer Question 1 with ‘I dislike like it all’ Answer each comment box with ‘not necessary - as Sadiq Khan says London needs MORE green space for trees, woods and nature’ and suggest a better community use, especially under Question 6 – Any Further Comments.


The consultation runs until 22nd July.


Southwark’s deforestation and destruction of the Camberwell Cemeteries is a test case for all UK cemeteries. Two acres of woods were already felled in February.


Southwark Council is already mounding over public graves and plans to dig up or mound over all graves over 75 years old for ‘new’ burial plots – hundreds possibly thousands of trees are in the way.


Southwark hasn’t even consulted families, residents or done a borough-wide consultation.


We are fighting to save ALL the 100 acres of the Camberwell Cemeteries and make them Nature Reserves with respect for the dead and their memorials and land for the living – for health, happiness and the common good into the future.


And still total silence from Harriet Harman local MP to objections from over 11,000 people.



Please get in touch if you have any questions:


[email protected]

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