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All UK cemeteries are at risk - woods, graves, history, nature Councils want to dig up all graves to sell off as 'new' burial plots. This video tells the story.


5th May 2017



Southwark wants to start felling Grade 1 SINC woods Areas J, K and L, calling it 'woodland management' to try to avoid legal planning duties. Read on... 


ONE TREE HILL GLADE IN CAMBERWELL NEW CEMETERY (Area D1) cut down in nesting season breaking promises to London Wildlilfe Trust and the public.


20 MORE TREES CUT DOWN IN UNDERHILL ROAD WOOD CAMBERWELL OLD CEMETERY (Area Z): 20 trees not counted on the planning application cut down on consecrated land.


NURSERY SITE CAMBERWELL NEW CEMETERY (Area B): Application to dig up three MORE acres of Honor Oak Nature Corridor for burial Please Object...


FINAL HORRIFIC GOAL: All current actions are to buy time while Southwark applies to Parliament to dig up and sell off thousands of graves as 'new' burial plots - the wholesale destruction of the Camberwell Cemeteries.


We call on Southwark Councillors to save the Camberwell Cemeteries with respect for the dead and invaluable inner city woods, nature and green spaces for the living.    |    [email protected]    |    @southwarkwoods    |    Facebook Page Save Southwark Woods

Beautiful Camberwell Cemeteries - Southwark Woods: John Edwards @aerialuas


A 2007 law allows London cemetery owners to dig up the dead and resell their graves as 'new' burial plots. But it is not an automatic right - families must be consulted.


In 2012, Southwark began the largest grave 'reuse and reclamation' project in British history in Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries  mounding over thousands of graves including dozens of war graves and felling acres of woods. Southwark didn't consult families or the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. All this to buy time to apply to dig up all graves over 75 years old - the wholesale destruction of the cemeteries.


Your cemetery may be next. We're fighting to save our cemeteries as inner-city nature reserves with respect for the dead and woods and nature for the living.




7.30pm Tuesday 18th July 2017

Back of the Herne Tavern 2 Forest Hill Road SE22 0RR. All welcome



The Camberwell Cemeteries are full and maintenance costs money.


Southwark could make the Camberwell Cemeteries nature reserves, apply for grants and involve the community in their management.


Instead, Southwark is trying to make money clearing acres of woods to mound over graves and sell 'new' burial plots over the dead.


Southwark pretends this is 'local burial for local people' - but up to half of residents needing burial are illegally excluded by faith.


In 2007, local MP Harriet Harman championed a law for 75 year old graves to be dug up for resale.


In 2012, Southwark decided to dig up graves - without consulting families.


Since 2013, Southwark has been destroying SINC cemetery woods and obliterating thousands of poor graves tto sell 'new' burial plots.


This is to buy time while Southwark applies for permission to dig up thousands of private graves.


All London and UK cemeteries are at risk - Southwark is the 'worst practice' test case.

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Why do over 12,000 people object to Southwark's plans?


•  Acres of rare, valuable inner city woods, nature and graves on Metropolitan Open Land bring beauty, health and wellbeing to tens of thousands of people


•  Southwark has hidden its horrific plans to dig up the dead


•  Families have not been consulted


•  Felling acres of woods increases air pollution and risk of flooding


•  Southwark's Burial Service practices religious discrimination - excludes at least 30% of residents needing burial by faith


•  Multifaith leaders have just told Southwark Burial Councillor Ian Wingfield and senior officers at Cemetery Stakeholder meeting that Southwark does not provide for most Muslim residents' burials - more than 30% of Southwark's burial demand who have to go to out-of-borough private cemeteries


•  Financial secrecy despite FOIs - non-statutory burial gets blank cheque while statutory services are slashed


•  Cheaper, fairer burial exists for all right now at cemeteries on the edge of the city


•  Southwark Council could invest in burial land at nearby cemeteries for all faiths - so no 'out-of-borough' cost to residents

Human remains dug up in 2008

Photo: South London Press

David Rose Telegraph Poor Graves and Cut Trees (898 x 585)

Final resting place for tens of thousands of people including war heroes: Southwark is destroying our cemeteries, preparing to dig up thousands of graves to sell 'new' burial plots over their remains. Help us save our graves, memorials, woods and nature.

Stop Southwark Council felling woods, digging up the dead and selling off graves

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Not Nunhead or Highgate but Camberwell Old Cemetery!

Camberwell Old Cemetery glade due to be felled for

Two acres of woods and memorials cleared for 'new' burial areas over thousands of graves including 48 CWGC WW1 and WW2 war graves Read The Telegraph article...

COC Lanes Fence and Path into Glade Camberwell Old Cemetery Woods 2017 Bones Dug up by Council in Camberwell Old Cemetery