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Southwark is cutting down Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood -

here is how we know - 11 June 2018

Above: From Southwarks' FAQs. Southwark state: "There are currently no plans going ahead for re-use of graves." NO PLANS. Then they tell you what the plan is. They PLAN to start to digging up the dead from 2022. That is less than four years away. And where are they going to be digging up the dead? In Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood.


What is "lift and deepen"? It is where the cemetery digs a hole, lifts the bones they find, dig down deeper, drop the bones (and teeth, and hair, and clothes, etc) at the bottom of the hole, then they place the new body on top of it. Most (or many?) families don't want their loved one buried in that way which is why Southwark hasn't adequately informed them.

Above: Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood, June 2015, Google Maps and in remaining wood 2017.

COC WOODS GOOGLE VIEW May 2015 COC BURIAL PLOT PLANS OVERLAY COC WOODS 2 Screenshot 1853 spaces COCW Area 2018 Google Earth COCW Area Z Area 2018 Google Earth COC Southwark Burial Strategy 2012

Above: Southwark's Cemetery Strategy 2012 approved by cabinet.  J, K, L and the Hs are development zones. Page 45. Link here:

Above: Google Earth screenshot Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood in May 2016. Area inside yellow perimeter is 12.02 acres.


Above: Southwark tells us in the FAQs that "A maximum of 4865 plots will be created by the proposals that are detailed in the cemetery strategy (pdf, 3mb). We expect to create 1,853 new burial plots through the three projects which are currently being implemented (called Area B, Area D1 and Area Z)."


If 700 plots are going into Area Z and 1153 spaces in Areas D1 and B then Southwark are putting in as many as 3012 burial plots in other areas of the Wood.

Screenshot LBS Denying

Above: From Southwark's FAQs of 11 June 2018

Above: Perimeter of Area Z, cleared in 2016. Total area cleared is 1.85 acres.  Southwark says they will put 700 burial plots in this area.

Above: Overlay of developmental areas in Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood. The pink areas (J, K, L, and H) are designated for burial plots over 'public' graves. The purple are areas where trees will be cleared in areas of public graves in anticipation of grave excavation and reuse. Data taken from pages 45 and 53.

Screenshot FAQ Lift and Deepen Screenshot Page 45 List of Burial Areas J, K, L et

Above: Page 45 of Southwark's Cemetery Strategy 2012. Plans for H1 - 480 new plots in H1, 840 plots in H2, H3, and 1060 plots in J K and L. Total 2380 burial plots.  


Above: How Southwark does burial: not, very well.  Destructive of habitat and heritage and in ways that most families who bury don't want. Above (and soon in the) graves of the dead. Discriminating against most Muslim and Jewish residents.

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