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• Southwark has been burying over WW1 soldiers’ war graves for years – and maybe even re-using their graves. CGWC not informed.

7 July 2017


• Southwark raises plaque for Nunhead WW2 rocket victims - while preparing to dig up their graves

28 June 2017


• Families to Protest Cemetery Digging Up Loved Ones to Resell Burial Plots - Survey shows 91% of respondents are against

22 June 2017


• Southwark Council claims archaeologists not needed for redevelopment of Victorian Cemetery

6 June 2017


• Are First World War graves at risk of development in the UK? FOCC appeals to CWGC for help

26 May 2017


• Names of missing 131 WW1 soldiers released by cemetery campaigners

25 May 2017


• Church of England suggests CWGC need not erect headstones for Southwark's First World War soldiers

15 May 2017


• Southwark didn't check for First World War soldiers' graves before starting massive cemetery redevelopment, FOI reveals

12 May 2017


• Fury as families not consulted on having their loved ones dug up for new burial plots

5 May 2017


• Buzzfeed reports: “London Councils Are Selling Private Burial Plots On Paupers' Graves”

28 April 2017


• Labour-led Southwark disrespecting the poor in death, building roads over their graves and destroying their memorials

22 April 2017


• Southwark Council hid 42 soldiers’ War Graves from public planning application

7 April 2017


• Southwark cutting down trees directly over graves - risking the remains of 48,000 poor dead and WW1 soldiers

24 March 2017


• Private Eye exposes Southwark burial scandal. Cemeteries no longer to Rest In Peace

5 August 2016


• Stop destroying woods and family heritage, FOCC tells Southwark Burial Councillor ‘Family History Buff’

2 June 2016


• Southwark Council denies it is committed to reusing graves - while reusing graves

12 April 2016


• ‘New’ Southwark burial plots are in fact over thousands of London’s dead poor

6 April 2016


• Heritage, Nature and Beauty of all Britain's Cemeteries at risk: New video from Save Southwark Woods

2 April 2016


• “The Slow and Tragic Death of a Beautiful Victorian Cemetery” - new video shows destruction

7 March 2016


• Money, discrimination, excavation: the triple scandal at the heart of Southwark Labour's burial plans

23 January 2016


• In Southwark the dead have no name

18 January 2016


• Council denies plans for largest excavation of graves in British history

14 January 2016


• How will Southwark dig up its dead?

13 January 2016


• Grave Destruction: Thousands of remains to be dug up at the Camberwell Cemeteries

4 January 2016


• SSW rallies woods and history lovers to object to Southwark plans to destroy inner city woodland and heritage

7 September 2015


• Southwark Removes Historic Burial Monuments and Memorials Without Notice

12 July 2015


• Southwark knows where the bodies are buried

12 February 2015