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Save Southwark Woods campaign: “We’ll call the Police if Council acts illegally on One Tree Hill”

20th January 2016


Save Southwark Woods fears Southwark Council about to fell scores of trees on One Tree Hill and the Old Cemetery WITHOUT PERMISSION.


Bats, owls roosting, oaks and ashes AT RISK in Camberwell Cemeteries


Southwark needs permission from CHURCH OF ENGLAND to cut trees and clear undergrowth - and they don’t have it.


METROPOLITAN POLICE will be called if Southwark Council starts destroying woods


Save Southwark Woods will alert hundreds of supporters using PHONE TREE


Campaign about TO MEET with Church to present alternatives


Today, Save Southwark Woods announced that if Southwark Council starts work - even preparatory work - on Area Z in Camberwell Old Cemetery in Honor Oak or D1 on One Tree Hill in Camberwell New Cemetery in East Dulwich - SSW will call the police.


Cllr Darren Merrill, Cabinet Member in charge of Environment and Public Realm, has told local residents that the Council will start cutting “any day now”.


Not so fast: The Council needs permission from the Church of England - this is consecrated ground - to clear undergrowth and fell as many as 60 trees on One Tree Hill, for less than 8 months of burial space on a steep, virgin wooded hillside.


They also need permission to clear undergrowth and cut hundreds of trees in Grade I SINC woods in Area Z in the Old Cemetery - where 48,000 of London’s poor are buried.


And Southwark Council hasn’t received permission (called ‘faculty’) from the Church yet. And may never receive it.


Over 1,000 individual objections were received by the Council to their plans, over 700 to the Diocese of Southwark. The Diocese has agreed to meet Save Southwark Woods to discuss alternative options to Southwark’s destructive, unjust and wasteful plans.


Save Southwark Woods is ready for any illegal action against the woods by the Council. Daily patrols and a phone tree are in place so over 200 people can be alerted within minutes to descend on the Cemeteries and defend the trees.


“Southwark has a history of taking chainsaws to trees that are ‘in the way’, sometimes even in the middle of a public consultation.” Blanche Cameron, SSW spokesperson “The night before the public meeting to determine the fate of the Camberwell Orchard, the Council came in and felled the lot. We are just making sure they don’t do the same again.”


If you would like more information, or want to be added to the phone tree, please contact us.

[email protected]




The 21st Century Battle for One Tree Hill - woods and trees - as many as 60 oaks, ash and others to go - for less than 8 months of burial!

The Church has yet to make its decision so the Council can't start.


The view from One Tree Hill in the New Cemetery - the best view of London from anywhere according to poet Sir John Betjeman