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Today, more than 300 people turned out to protest the destruction of Southwark Woods.


Southwark council want to develop these beautiful woodlands for 6,000 profitable graves. But people will not stand by and wait for the woodlands to be dug up.


Lewis Schaffer, local resident said "We must fight for beauty and for nature. People demand better from Southwark than the destruction of nature. Woodlands are the lungs of London."


Blanche Cameron, spokesperson for the Save Southwark Woods campaign, said "In one of the poorest and most polluted boroughs, hundreds of people marching today are saying no! We need nature, for a myriad of benefits - health, the learning from nature, air pollution, climate defence... Woodlands are the alternative to the concrete jungle."


"We will not stand by and watch the council dig up woodlands for a 15 year short-term plan for profit. There are perfectly good alternatives that still allow for burial but maintain woodlands as the immense community asset that they are.


"Nature is not just for the rich. These cemeteries should be made Local Nature Reserves like Nunhead, Highgate and Kensal Green Cemeteries."


The Save Southwark Woods campaign has an alternative vision - the 100 Acre Wood of Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries, Nunhead Cemetery and One Tree Hill combined.


"What a legacy of benefit for all this could make for generations into the future."



300 march to save Southwark Woods today

8th March 2015

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