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Save our cemeteries from grave 're-use' and deforestation and make them Memorial Park Nature Reserves

Beautiful Southwark Woods, Camberwell Cemeteries by John Edwards @aerialuas


Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries: The Save Southwark Woods campaign


Southwark Council is cutting down woods to mound over and dig up graves. No more R.I.P. in the UK. Preserve the graves, memorials, woods, meadows, playing fields, allotments of the Camberwell Cemeteries - with respect for the dead and nature and heritage for the living.

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Camberwell Old Cemetery

Woodvale or Forest Hill Cemetery

Forest Hill Road London SE22 0RU

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Camberwell New Cemetery

Brenchley Gardens or Honor Oak Cemetery

Brenchley Gardens London SE23 3RD

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Contact the Friends of Camberwell Cemeteries

07731 304 966


What is Southwark doing?


The Camberwell Cemeteries are full.


In 2007, laws changed allowing graves over 75 years old to be dug up for resale - if residents and families agreed. 


In 2012, Southwark decided to 're-use' graves - without asking families.


Now 12 acres of inner city woods - thousands of trees - are to be cut down to sell 'new' private burial plots over the graves of London's poor.


Next all old private graves are to be dug up for resale, destroying history, woods, nature and beauty - for inner city burial.    


All London and UK cemeteries, woods and graves are at risk - Southwark is the test case.

What is happening now?


In February, Southwark cut down two acres of Grade 1 SINC inner city woods, without Church permission and against huge public opposition.


Next, 60 trees on One Tree Hill and 10 more acres of woods in Camberwell Old Cemetery are to be felled.


Much is consecrated ground. Despite over 800 written objections Southwark Diocese have actively failed to protect 'God's Creation' or the graves. FOCC/SSW was a party to the Church hearing - until the judge said if we defended the trees we would get Southwark's legal costs!


Over 11,000 want the Camberwell Cemeteries made Memorial Park Nature Reserves. 

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Save the woods, graves and beauty of Britain's Cemeteries

Our inner city cemeteries are full. Councils want to dig up acres of woods and graves to sell 'new' inner city burial plots.


This video tells the story and reveals the deforestation of Camberwell Old Cemetery by  Southwark Council. Now the history and nature of all UK cemeteries are at risk.


Over 12,000 want the Camberwell Cemeteries made Memorial Park Nature Reserves - with respect for the dead and woods, graves, history and nature for the living.

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For info on how to get to the Camberwell Cemeteries, click on the photo for location map.


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2nd December 2016

Southwark Council's own report raises damning questions about plans to cut down up to sixty trees at The Glade on One Tree Hill, for fewer than nine months of burial plots.

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Private Eye exposes Southwark Camberwell Cemeteries scandal

Scene and Heard in Private Eye tells how Southwark Council is cutting down inner city woods to get at graves. UK cemetery owners are destroying history and nature for profit.  No more R.I.P. in the UK.

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Latest News


Southwark report raises damning questions about burial plans on One Tree Hill

2nd December 2016


Finally – Southwark agrees to value natural assets of the Camberwell Cemeteries

29th November 2016


Cemetery Stakeholder Group votes to save The Glade on One Tree Hill

8th November 2016


Church decision due on felling hundreds of inner city trees for ‘new’ burial plots

23rd September 2016


Khan goes back on election promise, says boroughs can cut down woods for burial

19th September 2016


Private Eye exposes Southwark burial scandal. No more R.I.P. for UK graves

5th August 2016


Southwark Council admit not telling buyers ‘new’ burial plots are over the dead

10th June 2016

Why do 11,000 people object?


•  Woods and trees are the lungs of London - everyone knows we need more not less


•  Destroying graves and headstones erases our history and disrespects the dead


•  Families have not been consulted


•  No financial transparency - residents told to issue Freedom of Information requests


•  Felling acres of woods reduces air quality, flood protection and climate resilience


•  These woods and graves are common goods, public property and have enormous practical, environmental, social and economic value


•  Cheaper, fairer burial exists for all at cemeteries on the edge of the city

Underhill Road Wood

Two acres of woods felled in Grade 1 SINC by Southwark in Feb 2016. Ten acres of woods and graves to go.

Sign the petition one tree hill walk say no - Rose Mhango