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All UK cemeteries are at risk. Councils want to dig up all graves to sell off as 'new' burial plots. This video tells the story.    |    |    @southwarkwoods    |    Facebook Page Save Southwark Woods




Woods & Nature - Acres of inner London woods are being cut down


Heritage - Graves and memorials destroyed, including War Graves


Families - Not consulted, families say 'No' to digging up their dead


Religious Discrimination - Burial excludes up to half of residents for whom burial is the only option


Politics - Southwark Council's shameful burial cover-up, misleading the public, denying its own plans

Save the Woods and Graves of Southwark’s Cemeteries

Acres of trees already cut down and graves destroyed

Area Z Trees cut in memorials 2017_03_10 TELEGRAPH - WAR GRAVES LOST AS COURT GI Camberwell Old Cemetery June 2017 Looking Down Lan Cemetree Day NEW BURIAL PLOTS AT WOODVALE CAMBERWELL OLD CEMETE

Southwark Council is burying over the dead and wants to dig up thousands of graves for new burial plots - with devastating consequences for nature and heritage.


Acres of woods and graves have alrady been lost. But acres remain to be saved.


Stop Southwark bulldozing our cemeteries. Save them as nature reserves.

The remaining ten acres of Camberwell Old Cemetery woods.

Two acres of woods and graves already destroyed.

The remaining acres are unprotected and doomed.

Destruction for 'new' burial plots over graves, including dozens of CWGC War Graves.

...For inner London burial plots - sterile, commercial - and unsuitable for as many as half of all residents for whom burial is the only option

Recording the Woods

10am-4pm Monday 31st July

Camberwell Old Cemetery Woods

Woodland Trust Tree Charter Branch event:

Fun for all the family!

Mapping, measuring and recording trees

Photographing, drawing, filming, audio

Prizes for drawings by under 11s!

Big Butterfly Count 2017

All materials provided, bring a packed lunch

More info and book your free places...